Play Medieval times!

The middle ages dawn. And the world turns for a new era. from a lone survivor to a settler. the world is open to the wonders within. From the beginning, washed ashore; you will slowly move your way up the ages of tech and adapt to the tougher dangers that lurk far. Many secrets hide within the world for you to discover, aswell as the dangers that can be overcome

Minefantasy Creates a new gameplay environment by adding function, aesthetic and a new feel to the game. it improves all fields from survival to pvp. This mod adds blocks, items, tools, materials, monsters, pets, process and decorations to be crafted through long stages of production.Starting from the stone age. and building a kingdom up from there.

SSP Gameplay
In Survival Single Player. The game focuses on a progressive survival goal. to both gain resources to sustain. and build up your equipment manually through the processes to be able to conquer the relentless horrors you may encounter. and to travel out to discover more about your land than ever before. As you progress. so does the enemy. after time passes. you will discover more ferocious beings that will face you. and your preparation will be everything

SMP Gameplay

In Survival Multi Player. The World will be open to many. People will build their civilisations and set their communities. Player on player combat will be another challenge within the world. stronger civilisations will have superior numbers and equipment. but a well planned tactical group could expose their weaknesses. Multiplayer makes more effective use of equipment. here. not just the heavy armoured knights would win the battle. when tactics will win them all. cheaper resources will mass produce cheap equipment while expensive rare resource will share trade among the lands

The mod is always adding new content so keep tabs on the new changes, The mod also uses Vazkii update manager Allowing you to be informed of updates as they come out.

Minefantasy also includes a test version. allowing you to play with the newest releases

before anyone else. however can be found buggy, the test versions are out for people to report bugs before the mod comes out.

There is also a Minecraft forum page for users to post comments about the mod

Videos (Outdated)

Video By Thev3XzZ

Also visit mod overview page for more videos

Usefull links


  • Download MineFantasy


  • Tutorials on how to set up MineFantasy

Recipe Guide

  • Recipes


Test Versions

  • Download test snapshots for debugging


  • View videos and information about Minefantasy


This mod is the result of the work of AnonymousProduction

This Mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

  • Same usual licencing applies

  • If you get permission, you can receive source of this mod

Upcoming features

These features are highly likely to be included in the next update and are avalible on the test version and will likely come out in order of appearance:
Due to some modelling issues. no new modeled blocks or mobs could come out yet.

a (*) by the content means it's already implemented

These mobs will appear after time or at certain distances to spawn. allowing more prepared players to brave the lands that expand within.
Winged Drake

New furniture will add aesthetics. but will also prove a useful utility

Ironbark uses
(bows only right now)

New Bows
reinforced, ironbark, longbow

More armours(mithril armours are 1 class lighter than others)
Mithril Splint

Mithril Heavy Chain

Heavy Chain
Mithril Plate

Encrusted Plate

external image S1k5f.png